The name Shongololo Express was originally founded in the Iyavaya restaurant in 1995. A Sangoma* used to enter the restaurant a couple of times and always ordering the same thing, tripe. This soon became a familiar ritual and the owners of the restaurant started talking and brainstorming this unique travelling idea, what we know today as Shongololo Express.

Once sharing this concept with the Sangoma, she suggested that they call this travelling concept Shongololo Express. For some, a shongololo is more commonly known as a millipede. It has no eyes, a long body and lots of little legs. You can visualize why this may refer to a train. BUT, the analogy goes one step further. A shongololo’s body moves slowly, but when observed closely, one will notice the fast-paced legs moving quickly back and forth to cover as much ground as possible. When we relate this to the Shongololo Express train safari offering, we can relate the slow moving body to the train moving through South and East Africa, WITH lots happening in and around the train.

Shongololo Express offers many different destinations and excursions. Although there is a different destination each day, guests are still able to relax and enjoy an easy-paced journey through South and East Africa.

*A Sangoma is a ZULU term for a Southern African Traditional healer / medicine man or woman.