Senele Mkiza

Senele has been employed at Shogololo Express since April 2001 as a waiter and a barman. He then spent a further18 months working as a driver guide and in 2010 was promoted to Assistant Train Manager.He works side by side with Rudi on all the daily challenges and logistics to enable the smooth running of the train. His roles within guest relations and customer care, includes managing inventory and stock control and the management of petty cash expenses on-board the train.

“Nduna’s” responsibilities therefore include all aspects of running the train from the beginning of the tour to the end. Prior to joining Shongololo Express, Nduna was employed at Croc and Paddle which is a division of Safari Par Excellence. Nduna describes working on the train as a working holiday, waking up in a different destination daily and meeting different people from all walks of life is great.

What do you think is the best trip conducted by Shongololo express? Southern Cross Tour, a six country tour which I think for a first time visitor to Africa or Southern Africa, gives a wide range of experience on the continent.