Leon Plutsick

As Chief Executive Officer, Leon is one of the founders of Shongololo Express which he launched with his ex partner, George Milaras in 1995.

Whilst George was generally involved in the operations of the train, Leon was the public face of sales and marketing and travelling extensively to grow the train’s client base. After a spell developing easyGolf Worldwide between 2001 to 2007 which stemmed from his background in travel marketing, he bought Shongololo Express back from Tourvest and is now a very hands on CEO. Leon can hardly remember a time when he was not involved with Shongololo Express.

Holding true to the sentiment “We must be doing something right” Leon’s love for his job is rekindled each time he sees the same guests coming back again and again. It brings a tear to his eye each time he sees the guests crying and hugging the staff when they leave.
What do you think is the best trip? This has to be the Southern Cross. The diversity of people, cultures and the different perspectives of the game experiences are amazing.