Emmanuel Ndlovu

Emmanuel has been with Shongololo Express since its establishment and has grown through the ranks until he was appointed Operations Director in 2007.

Working in operations requires him to see to the company’s overall processes, which include marketing, accounts and human resources. Prior to joining Shongololo Express, ‘Mannie’ was involved in temporary stock and internal sales in the hardware industry and is now involved in fulfilling functions both in the office and on the trains. Facing new challenges as a department, being part of something that he has a passion for and knows well are some of the aspects that make his job worthwhile and rewarding. Who is better suited than Mannie to manage the day to day running of the train than someone who has worked in the restaurant and kitchen, as a tour guide and as train manager and who knows the routes like the back of his hand! His vision is to make Shongololo Express one of the most recognised products in Southern Africa, to ensure it is safe, memorable, comfortable, unique and above all is an affordable way of exploring Africa.

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