Go Way Article

Go Way Article

When the indigenous people of the southern continent observed the first trains in Africa the lines of rolling stock passing on the distant horizons recalled the profile and sinuous movement of a creature, they called “Shongololo” – “the millipede”.

Shongololo Express began operations in 1995 to provide a very special touring experience for visitors to Southern Africa.

Just as the ocean cruise, this very special rail cruises take care of our guests’ every need. For duration on board all your requirements for a superb holiday are provided: transport, accommodation, meals, recreation, sightseeing and – what a pleasure – you need to unpack and only pack once.

The trains travel comfortably and securely during the night to the next stop on the itinerary and you awake each morning to a fresh vista on Africa and the anticipation of new and exciting adventures. In this way Shongololo guests can make the most of every precious holiday hour.


Shongololo Express offers one of the most interesting, unusual and value packed ways to explore Africa. aboard a fully serviced travelling hotel train. You’ll meet like-minded people from all over the world. Socialize, tour or relax as much as you want to and be rocked gently through the night to the rhythm of the tracks. By travelling at night, you awake each dawn to a different, exciting destination and have the whole day to explore the sights and sounds of a new environment.

Unique to Shongololo is that they also carry their own fleet of mini vans for guided sightseeing touring during the day. There is a variety of things to do, so you can pick and choose from the detailed daily tour options.

Daily breakfast and dinner is also included. Each night you will dine on uniquely African cuisine from Cape Dutch and Malay to authentic African dishes.

Your home aboard the train is a simple yet comfortable twin bedded compartment. You’ll find a shower and bathroom just down the corridor and there’s more than enough storage. Life aboard is informal and more importantly, no packing and unpacking as your hotel travels with you.

Dining Carriages:
  • The total seating capacity on all Shongololo Express trains is forty. This means that there will be two meal sittings each day.
  • Meal times largely depend on the activities planned for the day, but meals are generally served at the following times:
  • Breakfast from 06h00 to 08h00 (breakfast offers both a traditional English and Continental breakfast selection).
  • Dinner from 18h30 to 21h30
  • The chefs offer South African menus that include Cape Malay recipes as well as authentic Central, West and Southern African specialties. Meals are complemented by a selection of delightful and distinguished South African wines. It is the aim and the pleasure of every staff member on board to provide you with friendly and efficient service.

Please inform your travel agent of any special dietary requirements so they can inform Shongololo Express.


As Shongololo Express is a licensed establishment, a corkage fee of ZAR50.00 per bottle for wine, and ZAR20.00 per can/bottle for minerals and water will apply accordingly.

Lounge/Bar Carriage:

  • Lounge / bar carriages on the Shongololo Express trains have the following features:
  • Accommodates approximately forty guests
  • Fully licensed
  • Air-conditioned
  • All are non-smoking areas
  • The dress code is casual


  • All vehicles are fitted with a Public Address system
  • Vehicles are carried on board the Train, which makes Shongololo Express a unique concept worldwide
  • Specially adapted, fully air-conditioned Mercedes Sprinters are used.

Vehicles on Shongololo train Guides:

  • English, German, Dutch or French speaking guides, other languages on request.
  • Local guides are sometimes used to help with local knowledge, Shongololo Express guides travel with the train.
  • Guides and vehicles will be rotated on a daily basis. Language groups will be considered. Please feel free to discuss questions or queries with your Guide or Train Manager at any time.

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