Shongololo Press Release, 08 March 2005

Since its establishment in 1995, Shongololo Express has operated 16-day train Adventures to every corner of the southern continent. Named the Good Hope, the Southern Cross and the Dune, these tours give guests the opportunity to savour and absorb all the sights of the land through which they travel. Where there is much to see and explore, the train stays over for one or more days before moving on to the next stop. By applying its wide experience in the region, Shongololo is able to offer guests itineraries that are well crafted by its own professional staff using the best of local expertise and facilities along the way.

Shongololo’s knowledgeable multi-lingual guides and customised air-conditioned Mercedes vehicles are carried on board the train, a feature unique to this operator. They are at the ready to take guests to see and experience whatever is unusual, beautiful or historic in the locality and no time is wasted in transferring from rail to road and back again.

One of these spectacular trips, the Dune Adventure, travels between Windhoek and Cape Town. The train moves gradually through Namibia and South Africa’s Western Cape Province to explore the amazing landscapes, people and fauna of the great Namib Desert and the south Atlantic coastline.

Of course, the order of stops depends on whether one takes the northbound or southbound route, but whichever you take you will experience the very extraordinary landscape of Namibia – moonlike rock formations and desert expanses in every hue and colour. Bushman villages, the glorious Etosha National Park and a gigantic meteor crater are all on the route. Most unusual fauna and flora are to be found in the dry Namib Desert, yet along much of the coast the fog seldom lifts.

In Windhoek, the capital, one sees the intermingled influences of African German, Afrikaans and English cultures who share this land. At Walvis Bay explore the massive dunes for which the country is renowned and wonder at the thousands of flamingos that gather on the Walvis Lagoon to feed. See the unlikely castle built by a German count, the deep pools at Sesriem Canyon, and the great natural gorge of Fish River Canyon. In South Africa’s Western Cape Province pass through the Great Karoo, with stops in the historic towns of Worcester and Montagu, whose quaint streets and brandy distilleries have inspired many painters over the years. In the lovely hinterlands of Cape Town there are visits to famous wine estates and two full days in the gorgeous city of Cape Town where there are countless things to see and do. This tour is a veritable cornucopia of delights.

Off-rail excursions take place every day and a great variety of sights, scenery and activities are on the schedule. Depending on the package taken, some of these off-rail activities are included in the price while others can be purchased optionally while on tour. More exotic or extensive activities such as an open vehicle safari in a national park, a canoe adventure, quad biking or hot air ballooning, to name a few, are interspersed in the three Adventure itineraries and are also for optional purchase en route.

Without doubt, a train safari is the most convenient, economic and comfortable way of seeing southern Africa. Unpack on boarding and only pack again at the end of your tour. Good food, good service, and good fellowship are all part of your traveling ‘hotel’. You can be assured of the same excellent service and great atmosphere on every Shongololo journey.

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Issued by Shongololo Express